infinada Consulting GmbH

Consulting Services

infinada Consulting GmbH provides consulting, coaching and training services in the following areas:

Statistics, Data Analysis & Data Science

  • analysis of data, including large collections of unstructured data ("NoSQL")
  • application of statistics and machine learning, data analysis with R ("data science")
  • forecasting and classification ("business analytics")

Valuation and Risk Models for Complex Financial Products

  • valuation of complex financial products (e.g. financial derivatives) and insurance liabilities (e.g. variable annuities)
  • portfolio optimization and asset-liability management (ALM)
  • risk models covering market risk, counterparty credit risk, insurance risks (life, health, non-life) and operational risks

Actuarial Consulting

  • actuarial analyses of life and health experience data, supporting product design, pricing, reserving and risk modeling
  • creation and improvement of actuarial assumptions for pricing and reserving
  • supporting the implementation of new products in policy administration systems
  • business analyst tasks, like interface management, business specification and test management
  • optimization of reinsurance cover

Independent Model Validation

  • independent model validation of risk models in the context of Solvency II
  • independent validation of credit risk and market risk models in the context of Basel III and IV

Strategy Consulting & Coaching

  • coaching one or more IT teams (e.g. as Scrum master)
  • project management in traditional and agile projects
  • entity relationship modeling
  • consulting on data strategy, risk strategy, business processes and organizational structure
  • how to combine agile techniques (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, continuous deployment) with longer-term goals
  • mentoring