infinada Consulting GmbH


infinada's consulting services are based upon Integrity, Meaningful Relationships, Value Creation and Clock-Building (instead of time-telling).


Know thyself! Knowing ones strengths and weaknesses, values and passions, is a precondition for making a contribution within a relationship and within a team.

Meaningful Relationships

Never compromise trust and respect! Trust and respect are the basis of every relationship. Long-term relationships depend on being open, honest and oneself. Fruitful relationships give meaning to life.

Value Creation

Focus on making substantial improvements in performance! This requires curiosity to fully understand the client's situation, the will to achieve excellence in the subject matter and a passion to perform.

Clock-Building (instead of Time Telling)

Focus on building teams that are successful together! While solving a specific problem at hand - "telling the time" - can achieve short-term success, long-term success follows from enabling teams to be effective together and to continuously adapt to new challenges.